Audi Innovation Research

Audi Innovation Research

AIR is an interdisciplinary think tank with headquarters in the cities of Ingolstadt and Beijing. These two teams are part of AUDI AG’s worldwide innovation network.

AIR's mission – finding the next big thing

What does it mean to have an edge? To be number one? The best, the fastest? In a literal sense, having an edge means being one step ahead. For Audi, that means finding the right way to respond to global megatrends in the fields of digitization, sustainability, and urbanization. These decisions have a big impact on a customer's living space, their wishes and visions, and ultimately will define the future of mobility.

Audi Innovation Research analyzes these trends and takes a close look at what they mean for the Audi brand, researching and designing innovations that have the potential to revolutionize mobility. Within AIR's offices in Germany and China, teams are chipping away at the drivers of societal change and coming up with new ways to capture this “edge through technology” – now and in the future.

Each office is assigned an independent role, from classic market and trend research to developing early prototypes.

Air Office Ingolstadt


AIR’s heart beats in Ingolstadt. In addition to providing its own market and trend research, the office there coordinates AIR’s activities and aligns them with the corporate "Strategy 2025". Proximity to the headquarters ensures fast communication and rapid decision making. Inquiries can be answered quickly and results can be distributed rapidly.

Air Office Coordination

Frank Dieminger


Walking new paths and shaping them; this is what is driving me. At Audi I am able to live this passion since 2011: first of all, within the Technical Development division in the area of sustainable product development, later on, within the sales division. The constant of my career is my sense for new business models linked to the expertise to test and implement them.

This background led me to Audi Innovation Research in 2017. Here, I can combine my knowledge with the challenge of coordinating our team’s efforts, defining synergies and deriving solutions for our international markets.

Audi Innovation Research Beijing

Audi Innovation Research

Audi Innovation Research Beijing

The AIR Office Beijing analyzes trends, observes the growing high-tech scene and cooperates closely with a network of innovative lateral thinkers. Mission: decoding the lifestyle of the future.

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